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Status of the new OpenBlocks

So, some people are asking when will “The New OpenBlocks” be released? I have bad news, and good news. Bad news is we started the development some days ago, and the good news is we’re making progress in it. “WHAT? You’ve just started the development a FEW DAYS AGO?!??!” yeah I’m very sorry for that, I was having personal issues and since I’m the main developer, literally the entire project would be delayed if something goes wrong with my schedule, I’m a human too, I have life and stuff.

That aside, “the new openblocks” is being worked on, I’ve just finished the project manager and the fragment for displaying projects, I haven’t tested it though, I’d need to wait for TheClashFruit to test it since I’m on an online class and can’t use android emulator because zoom uses a buttload of memory. So yeah, It’s being worked on, I will post updates quite often on my blog so you guys can know the status of “the new openblocks”.

Some people might be wondering what will be the name of “the new openblocks”? ;) Let me give you a hint: *******

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