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A cat near my house

Some.. cat business..

Few weeks ago, I was just doing my regular sunday activities, Waking up, Helping my mom for the breakfast, Doing my stuff, and lastly dumping trash. I usually dump trash near my neighbour’s house because my house is protected with literal bars, and the main location for the trashcan in my house is on the back of my house, trash pickers can’t easily access our trash, that’s why I needed to dump it on a trashcan near my neighbour’s house so they can be picked up very easily (and of course we got permission to do that; I can’t just dump trash on other people’s house that’s not cool).

While I was minding my business, dumping my trash into the trashcan, I saw a cat sitting ontop of another cat, which is… uhhh… their business. Look, I know what they’re doing and I’m just confused. I didn’t know what to do, so I just left them there going back to my house after I put the trash into the trashcan, I just silently go back into my house like nothing ever happened. I didn’t tell my parents because that would be a weird thing to say, but hey I told this story to some people that actually reads my blog. So then I was like “ah crap, there will be a kitten going to be born”.

Sad story

I was a bit anxious because back then, there was a black cat that recently gave birth to a kitten quite near my house, then they came into infront of our house and a sad story happened. The kitten died. It was very sad seeing such an innocent kitten died because of I believe is malnutricion? or just simply “has no energy left” :( Well, they’re living in the streets, their mom can’t find proper food easily, I feel so bad for her :(

My mom said to bury that kitten in the back of our house. It was very sad. After we buried him/her, the mother cat came to our house’s porch and is meowing constantly for a few days. I know the pain she’s facing, but I sadly can’t do anything about it. That cat stopped meowing after a few days and finally left.

Fast-forward few weeks

Now… as you might’ve expected, that cat actually gave birth to 2 kittens! IN FRONT OF OUR PORCH. I was very shocked and had mixed feelings, “that’s cute”, “how can the mother cat feed them all?”, “are they going to die like the kitten before?”. I rushed to my little sister and told her that there’s the mother cat with their kittens infront of our door house, surprisingly, they already knew… Welp, seems like I’m the last one that noticed this happening, oh well.

But seriously though, how can we keep them alive? I don’t want her to experience the same tragedy that happened with that cat I told the story of above. I told my mom about that cat and thought of putting a some kind of unused towel for them to use as a blanket to keep them warm and cozy during the day. But the next day, that cat is gone, bruh. Maybe they were scared of that towel and thinking it was some kind of a trap made by us :l oh well, mission failed.

But then that cat came to our house again, not with her kittens. I think she’s hiding her kittens so we wouldn’t mess around with them, oh well. So the plan changed, from making the kittens comfortable, into giving the mother cat food so she can sustain breastfeeding his kittens. My mom remembered that one of her friend is selling cat food, so we bought that. 3 days passed, the cat food came and we can feed the mothercat with cat food for quite a long time. yay, I’m happy seeing that mother cat eating with the cat food we gave her. she usually come to our house at the morning (about 6 AM), and at afternoon (about 12AM).

I’ve taken a picture of her eating the cat food as you can see here:

Hope you have a nice day! seeya!

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