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How I got into the Sketchub team

So.. how did I get into the sketchub team?; you might ask. Well, it’s a long story, either way, I’m going to tell you right in this one page! Enjoy

Sketchware Era

On that time when I got into sketchware, I was astonished by projects made by a person named “AdityaKapal362”. His projects are so cool, he made complex stuff in sketchware with it’s hard restrictions and published it on the project store for free in sketchware (now deleted because of a controversy, long story yadda yada yada, I’ll tell them later). He was very popular at that time, a lot of people liked him and his projects has hundreds of likes! “Wow, can’t imagine how smart is he!”, me from the past.

After seeing around his projects, I found his comment that has a WhatsApp invite link saying that it’s his public group called “IndoSketch” and he want people to join in. So I joined the group and started talking with the people there. There were about 100 users inside talking stuff related to sketchware, since I was a kid at that time, from what I’ve predicted, I was very “crewet” or “talk too much”. I’m very active in that group and made some friends in it. Every night, I would pull out my phone and started chatting with the people there, it was a fun memory.

After some months, a fight happened with one of the admin and one of the member of the group. After a lot of back and forth, attack and defence. The admin abused his power by literally kicks everyone from the group and revoking it’s invite link so nobody would be able to join back. I contacted AdityaKapal about this and he was furious and very heartbroken.

“My community that I’ve been building for months!” - AdityaKapal362, around 2018 in WhatsApp direct message

It was a sad day, the group I was active in got destroyed by a single user in just a day.

The boredom

After that group got destroyed, I have noone to talk to, I was very bored having nothing to do other than to think about my friends in that group (“didn’t you save their contacts?” no, I was a kid and have no idea how to do those). This boredom continued for months. At this time, I started learning programming languages such as python and java that I’ve mentioned in my previous life story.

I was sad, but then I realised, didn’t I messaged to one of the admins? Can I chat with them again? So I searched through my chat history and THERE HE IS! “Nda”, one of the admins of IndoSketch. I asked him about the group and he said that they’ve made a new one, IndoDev! Oh my god! So I asked him for the invite link, then I got on to the group, and finally, I’m now a part of the community again!

But, this IndoDev community isn’t made by AdityaKapal. It was made by the user named “Vincent”. He created this group to bring back the old IndoSketch group.

The new admin

So, after joining the group I became active as usual. I chat literally everyday at every corner, I talked a lot and made new friends.

But, after some time, I just got the admin role out of nowhere, WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. I have no idea how I got it, some admin just gave me the admin role, most likely because I was very active at that time.

It was a very congratulating day, I got the admin role on the group I’ve been a part of for a long time.

Early TeamMusic era

Before being an admin at IndoDev, A user named “TeamWorks Dev” made a new app called “TeamMusic”. It was planned to be a music streaming app where people could upload musics, and hear other people’s uploaded musics. This app came from when he was experimenting with music streaming with firebase storage + mediaplayer, after he made things more advanced, he decided to make an app for it.

In his message, he was opening a beta version of “TeamMusic” so people can test the app and have fun with it. I joined that beta and I got added into a group, “TeamMusic”. I was there trying the new app and giving suggestions and complements about the app, it was very simple app but it works nevertheless!

Since I was playing around with Java/Swing (A UI toolkit for java, it’s dead now) at that time, I was thinking, “Hmm, what if I helped TeamWorks to create a desktop version? wouldn’t it be cool?”. So I made a project in eclipse with swing and designed the login page, after I finished the design, I told him about this and he was quite happy about it. After that, I got added again to a TeamMusic development group where other people that contributes to TeamMusic are there.

At that time, I never actually finished the desktop app lmao, TeamWorks asks me when will the desktop app will be ready and I just said “soon”. This cycle goes on and on after he got bored and lose faith in me lmao. I was very new to java and I didn’t know how those stuff works, I got stuck in implementing the authentication lol. Then, I promised to make a web version for TeamMusic so he wouldn’t be mad at me, but as you might’ve guessed, I never finished it lmao. Well, it was worth a shot, I was also new to web development I didn’t know how to retrieve data from a firebase database. Oh well, good memories.


Because I was doing the “development” of both TeamMusic versions, I got closer friend relationship with TeamWorks dev, which leads me to AdityaKapal. Since TeamWorks Dev is a close friend of AdityaKapal, I get to know him too, which was awesome. I talk to AdityaKapal sometimes, not that often. Since I wasn’t really playing around with sketchware, I don’t really have a lot of topics to talk to him.

Also, It wasn’t just AdityaKapal, I get to know other admins if IndoDev, like Nda, Vincent, and other admins that have quit sketchware.

Maybe this is how I got the admin role afterall, my memories aren’t perfect.

Migration to Discord

I made my discord account on 2019, which is way earlier from when the migration happened. I don’t remember exactly why I made that account but yeah, it was there. But at around 2020, when the first covid-infected person got into Indonesia and is began spreading, the country got locked down few months later, and then my school announced to stay in home for some months, which is a lot of free time, but I didn’t know what to use it for. After some days of boredom, TeamWorks made a discord server for TeamMusic and asked me to join in it. Then I joined and there it is, first time actually playing with discord. There was quite some people in the TeamMusic server, and the chat is kinda dead. Then as usual, I became active there.

Then I got used to discord and literally ditched WhatsApp because of it’s lacking features compared to discord, yeah discord has cool features like channels, voice chats, pings, username, servers, all of that good stuff. And yeah I migrated to discord, finally.


Note: I’m not 100% sure about this paragraph, most of the contents of this paragraph are predictions

While I was chatting in the discord server, I noticed an app named “Sketchub”, I asked what is it and they said that Sketchub is a sketchware project store made in sketchware app, then I asked TeamWorks for the invite link to the Sketchub discord server. Then I joined in to the server.

I wasn’t really active on sketchub after joining it, since there are a lot of people that I don’t know of, and I’m quite of an introvert, so all I do is just to talk to the people I know.

But, after TeamMusic has fallen, I got bored again, because the only active server I have is sketchub, I started to chat there. When I started chatting there, I became more comfortable with the active members and get to know each other. I became active in this server for few months and I noticed that the server is in need of a moderator, so I tried to apply to it becuase I was like “why not”, and I literally got the role.

So yeah, I got the moderator role, cool.

Long story short, because there was a lot of malicious projects uploaded by the users, and because I was active at verifying, I got promoted to be an admin (moderators can unpublish projects but can’t remove projects. An admin can do both).


Concolusion is, Iyxan23 always gets bored and everytime he does, Iyxan23 will choose a path by himself and continue it until he gets bored again, and the cycle continues on-and-on.

Soooooo yeah, a boring ending I would say, see you in the next post.

This post is licensed under CC BY 4.0 by the author.

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