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Everybody must have a life story of theirs, and so do I (rickroll reference hehe). Here is my life story

I started my journey in computer while I was in 3rd grade at elementary school. At that time, I was wondering on how to create an android app on my own, so I googled it searching for any possible apps that allows me to create an android app very easily. After a lot of searching, I stumbled upon an app called “Mobo App Maker”, I made an “app” there and got bored because I don’t know how to customize it lol. So then I searched “app maker” on playstore and see an application named “Sketchware”, I downloaded it and it made my day. Sketchware is an app where you can create android apps right on your phone, with blocks similar to scratch so you wouldn’t need to learn any programming languages to be able to create your own app. I was addicted to it, I made a lot of (unfinished) apps on it, and was very fun. I mean, just imagine how rewarding it is to do something on your own, like literally creating an app.

At my fifth grade, I decided that it would be cool to actually create an app that can help people, like my teachers. So I’m in search of a problem that could be easily solved by an app, and it clicked me, score calculation. When you submit an assignment to your teacher, he would need to screen the nanswers to check wrong answers, after doing that till the end, you would need to calculate the score for that assignment, depending on how much the correct and wrong questions were. After I came home, I rushed to my phone and started creating an app for that. Few days have come by, the app is finally finished, I firstly shared it to my parents of course, and they liked it, so then I started sharing the app to my teachers and they loved it too! It was a very awesome day for me.

When I came to school I now became known as the developer kid hehe. Want to see the app yourself? I still have it on my mediafire account for some reason. Click here to download it :D

I also still have some apps that I made on that time on my mediafire account, here are the apks: IhsanBrowser, IhsanSoal, IhsanApp

Alright, where were we, ah yes PenghitungNilai, Okay, so after I made that score calculator app, I got bored honestly, there’s little you can do on sketchware as it’s quite limited in features, back then there wasn’t a lot of interesting features you can use, it’s mostly just math and stuff. But then, Out of nowhere, I found out that my uncle is a programmer, it was very interesting. I showed my apps to him and he liked it, and then he recommends me to learn a programming language named “python” (since he is a python django dev). I was not that excited as I didn’t know how to use it and It just looks daunting to me, what I remember I said was “yeah those if if statement things are hard, i can’t understand what does it do” and because he can’t really force me to learn a programming language, he’s not going to bother me about it hehe.

Because I was bored at that time, I really have nothing to do, and I really wanted to get back to programming. So then, I decided to learn python, I found this playlist on youtube and started watching it day-by-day, following my uncle’s advice in learning is by re-doing what they did in the video, My understanding grew very fast. It was after like a week I have a basic understanding of python, I started making projects for fun to sharpen my skill in python. Oh yeah, you can view my old python codes here.

After some months, I got bored with python and decided to learn the language that they use to make android apps, (finally, my dreams!) the Java programming language. I bought a Java reference book when my family was visiting a bookstore named Gramedia, I literally read the entire book in just 2 weeks (1000+ pages!!). I learned it so quickly I made a desktop app with Java/Swing after some time after that, did I mention you can download that. Then after some months twerking around with eclipse I started my journey with android studio, and here we are today!

This post is licensed under CC BY 4.0 by the author.

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